Maui.ti was born far away…


MAUI.TI is a company that was born far away, on the other side of the planet. On the island of Maui at the Hawaii, Serena Corticelli, who was already collaborating since many years with the best names in Italian Fashion, gave birth to MAUI.TI, a young brand dedicated to the people of the sea and not only. Coming back from her holidays Serena developed her project and the adventure of MAUI.TI began in Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, never less known as the european Hawaii.

The MAUI.TI products are not only bought from the locals but also from those who want to wear something confortable and stylish all around the world. Perfect for personal use or presents. Brushed beanies, tubes windproof, bags and T-Shirts are constantly  leaving the island towards continental Europe, confirming the growing success of an Italian business in Spanish lands. Each and every product is original, designed and made exclusively with high quality materials.

The product is everything for us, that’s why the items MAUI.TI are developed with a breathable texture and printed in Italy by trusted suppliers.

Serena Corticelli, Owner & Founder